Accepted file formats

acrobat reader iconA Print Ready PDF

It’s best to supply your final artwork file(s) as a high-resolution PDF file at the appropriate size, in the correct colour mode (CMYK) and with a minimum of 3mm bleed around the edge, the colour profile output needs to be set to FOGRA39.


Resolution of any images used in your PDF should ideally be 300 dpi (dots per inch), at the exact size of the image.


All fonts should be embedded or set to outline. Make sure you are not using a vendors font in demo or trial mode.

Colour Mode

The colour mode should be set to CMYK, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and  Black, this will best match our printers ink set up

We also accept the following professional design formats.



Ensure all images used are embedded and have a high resolution, fonts used should be converted to outlines, or originals supplied.



Please flatten and save as tiff or jpeg at the highest setting, if using a layered psd please ensure fonts are outlined or originals supplied.



Make sure your indesign file is packaged ( file > package) with accompanying fonts and images folders supplied with the ID files.

microsoft icon Can I use office programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint?

For design assistance you can view our design page here.

Microsoft programs are great for their intended tasks, plus if you required a simple black and white text document or booklet then using word would be fine. However they are not suitable for creating print ready artwork, they don’t support the required CMYK colour profiles, high resolution output or the ability to add bleed. This also applies to Publisher and Mac programs such as Pages and Numbers.
There are a few online resources for creating Print Ready PDFS such as Canva and also Express by Adobe.
We can  re-create your design here and output and send you the print ready files for future use.

If you are unsure about your artwork or have any other questions then call us on 023 8087 8037 or email us.

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